Mintra Systems Products

While there are plenty of applications already published to perform certain tasks; there are tasks which have no freeware application, or no decent quality freeware. Mintra Systems hand-codes or completes and publishes products to fit these niches. All are available to download free from this page.

Age of Mythology ESO Patch
A patch to restore ESO stats server functionality
Converts text between uppercase, lowercase, sentence case and title case.
A lightweight utility for removing the formatting from text copied to the clipboard
Flipbook Viewer
Automatically displays a sequence of images at a set interval, like a flipbook, to enable a moving image to be made from frames.
Icon Collection
A selection of Windows XP style freely reusable icons and artwork
A free, fully featured icon editor that can handle anything from 1 to 32 bit icons.
Mole-o-matic Chemistry Calculator
A complete data resource for chemistry
Process Killer
Lists all the running processes and services on your computer and allows you to close them.
Screen Capture
A simple yet powerful wizard for capturing screenshots of your computer screen.